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Preview: Pumpkins to Come!

October 28, 2010

I’ve been inspired by my beautiful friend Kelli.




As you can see… Kelli has inspired me to do a great many things over the years of our friendship.  Some not-so-good things like kicking out our window screen during our Senior year under the watchful eye of an extremely strict dorm-mom (so we could come and go as we pleased after curfew… for which we DID get caught and fined.)   And some very good things.  Like being an active force for God in this world and a powerful prayer warrior.


But the inspiration I’m speaking of right now is one of a culinary nature. 🙂


On the recommendation of my dear Kelli and in honor of the season… I plan to create a delicious pumpkin dessert.

From a pumpkin.

Not a can of pumpkin filling… but a pumpkin!   It’s going to be fun.

Stay tuned this weekend for Pumpkin/Pecan Butter Bars.  OH they are yum!

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