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Pumpkin Pecan Butter Bars

October 29, 2010

Tonight has been one misadventure after another…I can’t even go into it all right now.   Some other time perhaps. When I’ve recovered.


But I have ONE good thing to show for the day.


Pumpkin Pecan Butter Bars


If you read the Preview to this post… you know that this recipe was quite an undertaking.  Rather than using the quintessential fall-favorite “Libby’s Canned Pumpkin,” I bought a pumpkin… and proceeded to try and bake it into a dessert.  This was very ambitious.  VERY.

Come.  Follow me on this misadventure.  Thankfully there was a happy ending.


These bars are very tasty, not overly sweet, and perfect for breakfast or dessert! You will need:

-1 yellow cake mix     -3 eggs     -1/8 C. milk     -6 T. melted butter     -1/4 C. sugar     -2 T. oats
-2 T. chopped pecans     -1 T. flour     -1 large pinch salt     -1 tsp. cinnamon     -4 T. cold butter


OH aaaaaand…………
A jar of Pumpkin Pecan Butter!

This is my “from-scratch” version.

(For the inside scoop on the laborious, trial-and-error process I used to make Pumpkin Butter… I encourage you to take a look here!  But if you don’t have the slightly-insane urge to use an actual pumpkin for this… I encourage you to use this product instead.  Muirhead Pumkpin Pecan Butter.  Delicious.  Easy.  Period.)
First things first.  Preheat your oven to 350, grab a 13″x9″ glass pan, and butter it up with a little of the melted butter.  You’re going to hear the word “butter” a lot today.  Hope that’s ok 🙂

Now then, set aside 3/4 C. of the yellow cake mix.

And pour the rest into a mixing bowl along with one of the eggs and the rest of the melted butter.  (My butter had been melted much earlier and by the time I added it, it had reached this strange middle-consistency which I find rather fascinating.)

Now… simply use a fork to combine this mixture into a very tight dough (it will form the crust of our bars.)

Dump this mixture into the baking dish and press it out into one even layer with your hands or a spoon.

Now grab a jar of Pumpkin Pecan Butter.  I used a different variety of pumpkin than perhaps you are used to seeing.  Hence the yellow color of this spread.  Trust me, it tastes amazing either way.  Yes, I know it looks like baby food.

Measure out a cup and a half of this deliciousness into a mixing bowl (the same one you used for the crust layer is juuuuuust fine.)
To the pumpkin butter, add the remaining two eggs and the 1/8 C. of milk.

And mix it up!
(Go ahead and take a taste… raw eggs haven’t killed ya yet!)
Just don’t feed it to your baby.

Now spread this onto the layer of buttery cake mix.

The last layer is a deliciously crispy, crumbly topping.  A perfect finish!
Cube up the cold butter and toss it into a mixing bowl.  Go ahead and use a new bowl or clean out your old one first.

Add all the remaining ingredients:  flour, sugar, cinnamon, reserved cake mix, oats, pecans, and a good pinch of salt.  Do NOT do NOT leave out the salt.  I implore you.

Grab a potato masher or pastry cutter!

And go to town on the mixture til the butter resembles small peas and everything is sticking together sorta crumbly-like.
Crumble this topping onto the layer of Pumpkin Butter.
One last special touch I like to add…
A sprinkling of raw sugar.  It looks pretty and has a nice crunch.  I love raw sugar.

Now… simply bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  After the 30 minutes are up, leave it in for two additional minutes under the broiler.  That helps the top look golden (and not-so-anemic.)

Cut into squares, serve with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee, and enjoy!
Like I said before… this would be perfect as a breakfast  (cold from the fridge, mmmmmm.)  But I like it anytime.  Eleven pm is good too.

Special thanks to Angie for introducing me to this recipe about five Thanksgivings ago.  I loved it then and I love it now!


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