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Italian Food!

June 3, 2011


So I’ve returned from Italy and already I want to go back.  I’ve got gobs of info to share with you about it… particularly about the food!

The Italians are weird about food, if you ask me.  BUT… its a good weird 🙂


Take dinner for instance.

Dinner starts with aperitivo… an alcolholic beverage meant to prep the palate.


After that it’s time for Antipasto (which means… “before pasta.”  I know these things.)

Perhaps a Caprese salad…


… Or some scrumptious fried zucchini flowers!


Next (as is only fitting as follow-up to the Antipasto) is the pasta!

Are you full yet???  Well don’t be, because we’ve only just begun!


Next comes the meat course.  And (surprise surprise) I have no picture for this course because it’s the one I skipped MOST often in order to maintain maximum vacancy in my stomach for all the other deliciousness being served!


After the meat course comes the fish course… of course!


But wait!  That’s not all!

After the fish comes a cheese and/or salad course.  (No picture for this one either, sorry.)

And after THAT… its time for dolci (dessert.)


But that’s not the end!  Oh no siree.  After dessert comes coffee.  (Not with dessert… which I found to be a huge bummer.  And don’t even think of trying to get the waiter to bring your coffee with your dessert or you will look like a “bruta figura.”)

Can you believe all the many creative cappucino designs they came up with at our hotel in Florence?




And after coffee… you’re STILL not done!  Believe it!

After coffee you’ve got to wash it all down with a digestivo (aka: something strong and alcoholic so that the heavy meal you just ate will metabolize.)  Yikes!  Let me warn you now… Limoncello and Grappa (the two more popular Italian digestivos) are shudderingly bad!  Don’t let my smile in the photo fool you.

(Sorry for the blur.  It was night-time, you see.)


And finally… finally… the meal is over!


If you’re a human garbage disposal like my husband and myself… a trip to Italy should be no problem in the slightest.  If you’re of a less hearty constitution and sometimes find yourself petering out after a mere one plate of food, I say start stretching your stomach now!  Italy is the time to go big or go home!  Don’t let a bite go un-tasted!

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