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Starbucks Eggwhite & Spinach Wrap!

November 6, 2012

Hi Friends ūüôā

Today my healthy tip is another product.

From Big Bad Starbucks.


Actually I’ve got nothing against Big Bad Starbucks.

I get that they pretty much take over the coffee scene wherever they pop up. ¬†And I get that you can’t get outta there without spending more than you should for something you could technically make at home. ¬†But still… they make Creme Brulee Frappucinos! ¬†Come on! ¬†How can you hate on a company that birthed the idea of a Creme Brulee Frappuccino?

Oops… this post is NOT about Creme Brulee Frappuccinos. ¬†Don’t drink those if you’re trying to slim down. ¬†(They’re just not the SAME when you go the non-fat, sugar free, no whipped cream route. ¬†Don’t do it!)

No no… this post is about these babies!

Meet the spinach, feta, & eggwhite breakfast wrap!  (Is this picture gross?  Sorry if you find this picture gross.)


I’ve not seen its equal at any other drive-through eating establishment… and I’m sure not interested in whipping one of these up at home. ¬†(Cooking spinach at home is SO not my thing. ¬†The thawing, the heating, the wringing it out. ¬†No thanks! ¬†Not to mention I’d also have to separate eggs and cook those as well.) ¬†I am HAPPY to pay Starbucks $3.50 to do all that work for me!

In return I get an insanely healthy meal in just minutes.

It’s a whole grain wrap filled with delicious feta (one of the healthiest cheeses you can choose… it is naturally low in fat!), plus nutrient-dense spinach, & high protein/ low cholesterol eggwhites… it’s delicious! ¬†And SO nutritious.

This is a staple for me when I am on-the-go and need a healthy, high-protein bite to eat. ¬†I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a snack like that is very hard to come by when you’re out and about. ¬†Unless you’ve pre-packed yourself a few snacks, your drive-through options are pretty much a burger, a taco, or a nasty salad.

Thankfully, no matter where you are… you are likely not more than a few miles from a Starbucks.

*Just keep in mind they tend to run out of the breakfast wraps by mid-morning. ¬†I’ve only been lucky enough to nab one in the afternoon on the rarest of occasions.

Now, go forth and enjoy this newly discovered delight!

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  1. November 6, 2012 9:23 pm

    Ummm… “Creme Brulee Frappucinos” – OMG! How in the world have I missed this?!

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