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Breaking One of My Rules…

November 12, 2012

I am breaking one of my self-imposed rules.

The “I may end up going to bed hungry and that’s okay” one.

It’s certainly a noble goal… and one that a great many people have to bite the bullet and endure in their quest for success.  And there may very well be a season in my life where I must embrace the “No eating after 7 pm” mantra.  (And in fact I’m still cheering YOU on if you’re following that rule yourself.)

But for me, that season is not now.

Not with a breastfeeding daughter and a long dark night with 3-4 feedings standing between my dinner and my breakfast.

The way I see it, it’s not important enough to chance compromising my milk supply.  Plus, it’s no fun!  Going to bed with a growling stomach and waking up at 4 am with an even growling-er one… Life is for living people!  And that ain’t no way to live 🙂

So today’s tip is to take an honest look at your circumstances and tighten or loosen the reins where needed.  And no tricking yourself either!  Your physical results won’t lie, so if you get too lax, you’re sabotaging no one but yourself.

11 more days til Thanksgiving!!!

Elsa can’t wait to see these jokers again 🙂


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