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Be “Extra Good” to Your Body in October!

October 1, 2013

Over the years, October has become my unofficial “Be Extra Good To My Body” month.  And I’d like to invite you to join me in making October “extra good” for you too!

The "Be Good In October" Challenge - Pretty/Hungry Blog

The gist of this undertaking is as follows:

We all know that as hard as we try to maintain our healthy lifestyle, our ideal body weight, our workout regimen, and our “everything in moderation” mentality through the two landmine-filled Holiday months of November & December… it is dang near impossible!

Halloween kicks off the food-fest with a bowl of Reese’s cups that sits around your house tempting you for at least the 1st week of November.  Then your office has a Thanksgiving potluck… oh and your church, and your ladies’ bible study, and your book club.  Then Thanksgiving Day itself arrives (and the leftovers linger long afterward.)  And then before you know it, it’s December and the Christmas parties are coming at ya every weekend!  And sweet little neighbor ladies are delivering trays of fudge and sugar cookies to your doorstep.  And Pinterest becomes a tidal wave of cinnamon rolls, peanut brittle, and chocolate cheesecake.  And your boss gives you a ham as a Christmas Bonus!  And everywhere you look there is pie, hot chocolate, and lil’ smokies!  AHHHH!!!!

The "Be Good to Your Body in October" Challenge - Pretty/Hungry blog

Ok, so that is a dramatization… but it comes directly from my REAL-LIFE experience, and I can only assume you encounter similarly gale-force temptations during the Holidays.

Now do hear me say, I am NOT advocating any kind of crash diet before the Holidays begin (or any time of year, for that matter.)  But I have found that for me, the Holidays are far more enjoyable when I start them off in the best shape possible.  I feel better, I have more energy, I avoid the flu, and (perhaps most importantly) I have little to no guilt about consuming a few fun Holiday treats because I’ve worked hard to earn them!  What I’m suggesting then, is that if you (like me) are generally disciplined when it comes to your diet but anticipate the Holidays will be extra challenging and not altogether “slimming”, commit yourself to using the month of October to be extra good to your body in preparation for the coming indulgence.

*Side Note (If you have diabetes, heart disease, or have for any other reason been told by a medical professional that your weight is dangerously high, then I do NOT recommend “being good” in October so you can slack during the Holidays.  In fact, I encourage you to employ the phrase “Get Behind Me, Satan!” as often as possible during the coming holiday season.  The planned indulgence I’m referring to above is not advisable if your health is in jeopardy.)


So here are a few of the things I do to be “extra good” to my body during the month of October.  I’d love it if you’d shout out your favorite healthy tips in the comments section too.  Share the love!  And let’s do this.  🙂

1) I start off my day with a vitamin-packed green smoothie!

2) I limit my fat intake to the healthy fats (like olive oil, avocado, coconut oil, raw nuts, & flaxseed)

3) I keep my daily calorie intake below 2,000.  (The proper number will look different for everyone.  See what your ideal caloric intake is here!)

4) I guzzle water like it’s going outta style!

5) I try (key word: TRY) to be done eating at least 2-3 hours before I go to bed.  If you are like me and cutting out late-night munchies is a non-option, here’s a great list of healthy late-night snacks!

6) I try (again: TRY) to get more sleep.  At least 8 hours a night is so deliciously good for your body!

7) I attempt to include veggies in every meal.  And I cook at home so that I know what’s going into our meals.  (Restaurants are NOT stingy with the butter and salt, in case you didn’t know that.)  But the good news is, you can hide vegetables in so many things!




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Source: Harvard School of Public Health

Source: Harvard School of Public Health

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